In 1957, at the age of 15, Paul McCartney heard Buddy Holly's music for the first time. Despite Holly's untimely death in 1959, his lifelong influence on Paul McCartney is apparent throughout the entirety of McCartney's career. In this episode, we discuss Buddy Holly's impact on the Beatles, we analyze Holly's influence on McCartney's songwriting and musicianship, and we also explore Paul McCartney's various tributes to Holly. 


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Our photographs taken at the Surf Ballroom and Buddy Holly's crash site in Clear Lake, Iowa. Click on the image to advance to the next: 

Buddy Holly & The Crickets performing "Peggy Sue" on The Ed Sullivan Show (1957):

Paul McCartney discusses with the Rolling Stone's Ronnie Wood the 'tricks' the Beatles learned from Buddy Holly:

Between the years 1976-1999 Paul McCartney hosted "Buddy Holly Week" annually to coincide with the anniversary of Holly's birth. Here are some highlights from 1979's "Buddy Holly Week" featuring Maria Elena Holly, Phil Everly, Roy Orbison, various members of the Crickets, and Wings:

An excerpt from Paul McCartney's documentary The Real Buddy Holly Story (1986):