If you enjoy politics and profanity mixed in with your sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, then this is the episode for you! We discuss the songs that have caused Paul to get into varying degrees of trouble over the course of his career, whether they be songs that have been widely criticized by fans and critics, songs that have caused legal troubles, or songs that had been banned from various media outlets. McCartney's most controversial songs include "Helter Skelter," "Hi Hi Hi," "Big Boys Bickering," and many others.


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McCartney discussed with Howard Stern how The Who inspired "Helter Skelter":

Wings official video for "Mary Had a Little Lamb":

Amid the sounds of dogs barking, Paul and Linda passionately discuss their inspiration behind the song "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" (interview starts at 7:02):

Paul McCartney explained the origins of the song "Frozen Jap" and how he did not intend for the song to be offensive to japanese:

A news story discussing how Paul McCartney's "Big Boys Bickering" was banned from radio and television in the United States: