From a listener's request, we discuss some of the musical highlights from the decade which many believe to have been McCartney's most problematic. 

On a professional level, Paul McCartney's career reached a difficult point in the 1980s. Possible explanations could be that he was trying too hard to be commercially successful, or that he was trying to hard to remain relevant as he entered into middle-age, or that he was shellshocked by the death of John Lennon. Nevertheless, the 1980s weren't entirely bad, and in this episode we discuss his "hidden" musical gems from that decade, in particular deep album cuts and lesser-known unreleased songs that aren't generally considered amongst the canon of McCartney's compositions. The songs we will discuss include  "Footprints," "Distractions," and "Yvonne," among many others. 


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"Wanderlust" is perhaps the most beautiful song ever written about a drug bust that never happened. It originally appeared on 1982's Tug of War, and was remade for McCartney's 1984 film Give My Regards to Broad Street, with a little help from Ringo Starr:

The film Give My Regards to Broad Street was both a commercial and critical flop, yet despite it poorly devised plot, it contained several noteworthy performances. The song "No Values" was inspired by The Rolling Stones:

"Yvonne" was co-written with Eric Stewart, and was initially considered for McCartney's album Press to Play, but was ultimately rejected. Today McCartney's version of "Yvonne" only exists on bootlegs. Eric Stewart and his band 10cc reworked some of the lyrics, added a reggae rhythm, and retitled the song "Yvonne's the One" for their 1995 album, Mirror Mirror

An early take of "Footprints," without Hugh Padgham's heavy production. "Footprints" was co-written with Eric Stewart and featured on McCartney's 1986 album, Press to Play:

"That Day is Done" was co-written with Elvis Costello (credited to Costello's real name, Declan MacManus) and appeared on McCartney's album Flowers in the Dirt. The inspiration for the song was Costello's grandmother's funeral, however in 1999 he performed it at the "Here There and Everywhere" memorial concert for Linda McCartney: